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indian social networking app

Hello and welcome to lyrics bhandar, this post is related to an Indian social networking app we recently discovered on Playstore. This app was so attractive and feature rich that it delighted us to write a review about it on our site so that other can be benefited from it because we believe that sharing is caring.

Nowadays social media apps and social networking sites have become an integral part of everyone’s life. We can’t imagine our life without social community. Our life depends on social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for news and information.

Introducing social networking app named FameNest that is an Indian social app and it has a website too so users can access this on their desktop, laptop and mobile devices. This app is not just a social media aap, it has multiple features that make it a special app that everyone must have on their mobile.

This app is so rich and useful that it deserves to be considered in top social media apps available in the market. Here are some of the key-features of this social networking app.

  • Connect with users through follow system.
  • Users can post photo, video, audio and stories.
  • Users can Post Job requirements.
  • Users can create offers.
  • Create crowdfunding campaign.
  • Online chat and messaging.
  • Users can create article, blog and forums.
  • User can buy and sell anything in the market place.
  • Users can find and follow nearby people through GPS technology.
  • Social video support – users can share video from YouTube, Video and Dailymotion.
  • User can share FameNest posts or video to other social sites like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, pinterest, LinkedIn and telegram.
  • Users can upload Soundcloud audio track.
  • Gift System – Users can send gifts to each others.
  • Users can create page, group and events.
  • RTL Support – FameNest supports multi-language and right to left languages like urdu and arabic.

This doesn’t stop here, this app has a dashing site that gives you a more wider range of services like earn money online through recurring affiliate programs. Users of this site can invite others and earn cash and if someone join the site as a pro member, they get 30% recurring commission lifelong till their client uses the site services as a pro member.

Having a pro membership gives many benefits to the users, although all services of FameNest is free forever, pro users get free post boost, and advertisement every month. So if you are an advertiser and have small budget for advertisement, you can become a pro member of FameNest and start advertising your content for free.

FameNest offers free blogging platform where users can write blog post and gain attentions from thousands of site visitors. You can see what a famous blog Ajanabha has written about FameNest social app here.

We hope this article was helpful and infomational to you and this will help you to choose a better social media app.Thank you for reading this blog post.

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